Precious stones and common believes

Stones are precious jewelry accessories loved by both men and women. These stones are not only used for adornment purposes in fact, people have different believes regarding various stones and are used as good charm in everyday life. Thousands of stones are available in various vibrant colors but people make use of it according to their thoughts and believe. Some of the important stones and its common believes are as follows
Diamond: Diamond is very hard in nature and is among the most valued gemstones. It is available in various different colors like blue, white, green, yellow and red but, white is largely preferred by folks.
Common believe is diamonds are good for mucus and cough and carries the emblem of constancy and innocence. It is also exchanged among the lovers as a symbol of their immortal love. It is also used in combination with other stones as an energy booster of other gems. It is thought to increase the power of Amethyst and Emerald. Healers also have necklace and rings set with diamonds around with Amethyst.
Ruby: ruby is regarded as the most powerful stone in the world and is linked with many astral signs. Owing a ruby is synonym to peace and satisfaction, Ruby is often placed under pillows to drive away all the nightmares. For getting protection and life force ruby is used in left hand and is considered as symbol of love and friendship. It is the sign of royalty and vitality. It is wrapped with love and helps in improving sexual contact making it more passionate. People lacking in personal love must make use of it as it also gives the courage for more energy and potential.
Rubies are also used to enhance blood circulation in body and helps in removing bacteria and infection from the blood. It is largely worn in jewelry but should be avoided from solar plexus as it has a deteriorating affect on it. It color varies from red to vermilion but, highly demanded is “Pigeon’s blood” which is pure red with blue. It is also available in violet color.
Blue sapphire: sapphire means blue in Greek language and ranges from dark to black to pale blue. Finest of the sapphire is bold blue and sapphire with other than blue color are named with its colors. Sapphires are in yellow, pink, green, violet and clear sapphires.
It is often used in necklace which is best for throat cancer. It is called the “stone of destiny” and contributes to perception and mental clarity. It also promotes wealth and is symbol of devotion to God and heaven. It is associated with Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, and Virgo and is the birthstone of April and September.

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